«I would recommend this system to others – it has proven to help our department provide quicker and more accurate service to our clients.»
— Carmen,
Insulated Soft Covers, LTD

«Autometrix products speed up production and eliminate the total dependency on a specific employee to create cut patterns.»
— Frank,
Eagle Sports

«We used die cutting or manual hand cutting before, but the Autometrix machine produces a far superior cut pattern for our production.»
— Chris,

«Depending on pattern configuration and size, we have seen a 15%-25% decrease in waste since the addition of our Autometrix machine.»
— Mark,
Thermal Energy Products

«It had to be easy to run – none of us are programmers, or have any CAD experience… I loaded the free trial of the software and started playing with dots, lines, and curves. ‘Hey, this is no harder than Publisher, we can do this!’

Within a day and a half, we were up and running. The machine of magic was cutting and marking shapes right here in our shop… Cutting stock patterns is now a job we can pass with 15 minutes of training… Our cutting table has completely improved every aspect of our little sew shop. 

No regrets, we got everything we were promised and more. The table itself has run smoothly without a flaw or hiccup. The service and support we get from Autometrix is first class – it is like they are part of the team. The new possibilities still excite me!»
— Richard Mitchel,

«When I decided on going with Autometrix I knew we’d be getting a top quality machine… I have been impressed by the level of integration and thoughtfulness that went into the design and construction of our Autometrix cutting system.»
— Karl,
SLO Sail & Canvas