Autometrix Customers are Some of the Most Innovative and Successful Manufacturers in the Business – See you at IFAI!

IFAI Expo is a great place to see how manufacturers in different industries are using Autometrix cutting solutions to accelerate their growth. At the Autometrix booth this year we’ll be showing off a new Alpacka raft, an inflatable raft that fits in a backpack! Alpacka will be using the same system that we are demonstrating at IFAI Expo to design and manufacture these “bombproof tools of exploration” in Mancos, Colorado.

Kohler Awning

Stop by the booth to see an Autometrix cutting machine in action and see why companies like Kohler Awning in Buffalo, New York choose Autometrix cutting solutions. Kohler, in business since 1925, uses Autometrix Templates software to design custom patterns for residential and commercial awnings in seconds. 

Autometrix is Trusted by Trusted Brands IFAI 2019Thermaxx Jackets

Thermaxx Jackets in West Haven, Connecticut is another customer-focused American manufacturer who chose Autometrix’s comprehensive software solution to design its removable insulation blankets for pipes, valves, and heavy equipment. Thermaxx helps their customers design specifications for insulation, and designs insulation covers to match those specs. Every customer is different, but Autometrix Pipes3D software means Thermaxx only needs one vendor and one type of software to do everything from insulation product design through the automated cutting of the fabric.

Tentnology Tents

One thing our customers all have in common is a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Tentnology in British Columbia, Canada, is no exception. They are the world’s leading tent manufacturer and have won multiple awards for tent installations, entrepreneurship, and engineering excellence. Tentnology uses Autometrix products to meet their goal of producing the highest quality tents and being the best event tent and fabric structure manufacturer in the world. 

Bearse USA Tactical Gear

Autometrix products also show up on the factory floors of some top tactical gear manufacturers, like Bearse, who has a manufacturing facility in Puerto Rico. Bearse uses PatternSmith software and an Autometrix Radium fabric cutting machine to fulfill wholesale cutting and sewing contracts for tactical and custom bags, cases, totes, pouches, and other non-apparel items for the outdoor, tactical, and military markets. Bearse started in 1921, and automation has allowed them to excel in their industry. 

Automation and Autometrix cutting solutions have been the key to our customers’ success in many other industries: marine, pool liners + covers/spa, tarp, and inflatables, to name a few. We hope you’ll stop by our booth #A937 at IFAI Expo 2019 to learn how automation can help your business grow. Use our appointment scheduler to see an automation consultant at your convenience.