Autometrix Smart Screen

Introducing the SMARTScreen by Autometrix – an easy new way to interact with our machines. The SMARTScreen is an industrial touchscreen interface for Autometrix cutting tables and more.  It brings powerful new functions to whatever machine it’s attached to.

With the SMARTScreen as a machine interface, machine operators get a “cutting edge” machine interface.  Users can still control their machine, but they can also troubleshoot issues, watch instructional videos, undertake guided maintenance tasks, and perform a number of basic cutting operations from the screen itself.  

In addition to being the touchscreen for the next generation of Autometrix cutting machines, any of Autometrix’s touchscreen enabled machines can be upgraded to use a SMARTScreen.  When used on these machines the SMARTScreen adds new features, gives greater functionality, and enables greater long term support. It allows users to upgrade their machines and take advantage of features not available when their machine was originally built.  Many of the latest machine features can be available without upgrading to a new machine.

The SMARTScreen is an indispensable upgrade for any shop using Autometrix machines:  

  • Independent: The SMARTScreen utilizes a powerful stand-alone network-able processor that can operate independently from the machine it is connected to.  This means that if a system goes down, you can still use the SMARTScreen and in most cases it can correct an issue automatically.
  • New Features: The SMARTScreen was designed with the user in mind. Pop-up messages on the screen alert the user to scheduled maintenance and other alerts.  Video tutorials are available to guide users through routine maintenance. The SMARTScreen also allows for minor machine calibration changes after replacing a part or adjusting components.  
  • Remotely Accessible: In fault conditions, the SMARTScreen is able to collect and analyze machine data.  This means that if a system goes down and the SMARTScreen isn’t able to identify the issue automatically, it will create a snapshot of the fault condition so that an Autometrix customer service technician can efficiently solve the root issue of complex problems.  
  • Reliable: Its rugged industrial design allows the SMARTScreen to function reliably for years, even in the most demanding industrial environments.  A tough mechanical design will protect the screen from damage in rugged industrial environments and a robust electrical setup will allow it to operate for years to come.  
  • Customizable: What used to simply run the basic commands of operating a cutting machine has been converted into a powerful new touchscreen with an operating system that creates an intuitive user experience.  The SMARTScreen also enables Semi-Custom user interfaces for the most intuitive and seamless user experience available.  

The SMARTScreen was also designed to be able to function as a standalone device for a wide range of custom tools.  Autometrix recognized that not all machines need the level of coordinated motion control offered by their standard cutting tables, and the SMARTScreen was designed to fill that role.  It can be used as an inexpensive but powerful automation engine that can function as both a controller and user interface for custom machines or cutting machine accessories. This allows for an incredible level of integration of things like material handling or part sorting with an Autometrix cutting machine.  

If you are intrigued by this new product and want to find out more about our state-of-the-art cutting solutions, reach out today.

The SMARTScreen was a joint effort between electrical engineer Tyler Green and electrical research technician Justin Triplett.  

Green studied electrical engineering at the University of Nevada Reno, and worked as a manufacturing engineer in a large manufacturing facility before coming to Autometrix.  His experience working with discrete Human Machine Interfaces and Programmable Logic Controllers in the large scale manufacturing environment motivated him to combine the two into a powerful standalone device.  

SMARTScreen Inventor - Tyler Green
The happy inventor – Tyler Green The happy inventor – Tyler Green

Tyler enjoys what he gets the opportunity to do at Autometrix.  “Having spent time working at massive globally distributed companies and enduring the design challenges associated with that, the environment at Autometrix is awesome,” he said. “It’s fundamentally an engineering company, and we get to focus on making the best products possible.”  

Justin Triplett - Electrical Research Technician Autometrix
Justin Triplett – Electrical Research Technician Justin Triplett – Electrical Research Technician

Triplett, who earned a degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Sierra College, appreciates the flexibility Autometrix offers him to pursue his interests. He started at Autometrix building machines in the production department as an electrical assembly tech and in his current role does the bulk of the design and programming for the SMRT Screen interfaces.  He uses his unique experience to make user interfaces that function in even the most demanding real world environments.

“Autometrix has allowed me to explore other aspects of my work,” says Justin. “Originally, I wasn’t going to do anything code related, but then I offered to help with the maintenance of some of the older machines, and the software, and I liked it.” Triplett now dreams of creating a centralized user interface for some of the other Autometrix machines.