Today the Autometrix production team completed the assembly of our smallest automated cutting machine. The 24 in x 10 ft Autometrix Radium is ready to ship to a high school. The customer made a special order for a small sized cutting machine due to the school’s limited space. The high school will soon be adding a new member to their design and engineering family. We like to think of our machines as having an effect on our clients much like a newborn baby affects a family. To our way of thinking, every company that places an order for our cutting edge technology (no pun intended) is bringing home a new baby. A super-baby, a baby that adds new excitement as it challenges one to master its mechanisms as you develop the skills to utilize the Autometrix cutting machine to its full capacity.

This does require changing a few old habits, learning new processes and may require reassigning duties. However, after the initial learning curve, there is the bliss that every new parent feels. They will hear the sweet humming sound of improved productivity, the jingling of higher revenues, the smiles of satisfied employees who no longer have to do their jobs manually. And, in this case, students with curious minds will be learning new skills that will make them more employable in this automated world of manufacturing.

David Barrett runs a tight ship managing the production and assembly of each and every piece of machinery that is manufactured for our customers. His team of well harmonized professionals has a role to play in the creation of each and every new machine. Our cutting solutions (both hardware and software) are available in a variety of sizes, speeds and features to fit every need. The production process involves approximately 3 weeks of assembly, which includes 48 hours of quality control by David himself. As part of our quality control protocol, the checklist is reviewed thoroughly by three different people. Our expert teams pride themselves on never letting one of our machines leave the factory unless it meets our exacting standards of excellence. Even the crates that these precision cutting machines go into are custom made by Tim Britton who is an expert cabinet maker.

When customization of one of our cutting machines is required, our genius mechanical engineer, Mike McGuiness, personally handles all aspects for special orders. Much care and attention goes into the production, assembly and shipping of these special pieces of equipment.

David has been with Autometrix for 14 years now. He started his life in production working for his grandfather’s company “Barrett Metal Finishing” where he did the chrome plating for companies like Peterbilt and Kenworth Trucks. His passion for road racing led him to Grass Valley and Autometrix. After 10 years of road racing he moved into mountain biking and coaching the local high school team. He has even coached some of our staff members when they were in high school! He continues to coach and lead an efficient team of super motivated individuals. Their attention to detail, and joy in manufacturing our cutting machines is unparalleled.

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Six men in the picture above, left to right: Tony Britton -Tech Assembler I (Carriage Builder), Doug Rigel  – Inventory Control & Purchasing, Mike McGuiness – Mechanical Engineer (Special Project Development), David Barrett – Production Manager, James Kohnke – Assembler, Justin Triplet – Tech Assembler I (Electronics Tech) and of course the “baby” Autometrix Radium 24 in x 10 ft

Final Test before we ship this baby off!