Cutting Solutions

Autometrix has been the premier supplier of cutting solutions for more than 40 years. We provide state of the art equipment that has the capability to enhance the accuracy and precision in any cutting application. We provide a wide array of cutting tables that have the ability to plot and cut foam, fabric, leather, vinyl, carbon fiber and much more. If it’s on a roll, our tables are very likely able to cut it!


Our industrial pattern cutting table, the Catalyst, is an advanced design cutting machine that is frequently chosen by industry professionals. As a premier cutting table, it provides the functionality and performance you need. Its ergonomic design and high powered features make it the fiber cutting machine of choice. When you need a large fabric and fiber cutting table that will perform seamlessly, The Catalyst offers the perfect solution.


When speed and precision are of paramount importance, the Argon cutting tool is the one you need. This efficient industrial fabric and fiber cutting table has everything required for superior cutting results.


Radium is the textile cutting table to choose when wide widths, speed, and precision are needed. With this accurate material cutting table, you can make wider cuts without sacrificing accuracy. Whether you are searching for the best template cutting machine, or pattern cutting machine, count on us to provide the very best solutions.


Carbon is equipped with a full feature-set that enables it to cut the widest range of materials with speed and precision. Carbon cuts what you need, when you want it, all at a cost you can’t refuse.

Find out more about the fabric and fiber cutting machine, or about any of our state of the art automated pattern cutting machine solutions. Give us a call to learn more about our pattern cutting equipment and solutions by calling 530-477-5065 today!