Autometrix East Coast Office

Autometrix Inc. Expands Operations Providing Accessibility to East Coast Businesses

“I’m very excited to see the Akron office open. I know how important it is for people to experience technology first hand when making such an important decision.  I believe this demonstrates Autometrix’s attentiveness and dedication to accessibility,” commented Jonathan Palmer, CEO

Silver Needle uses Autometrix Inc for creating protective gear

Automation Helps Silver Needle Compete in the Protective Clothing Space

What do you wear when you work with molten metal?  Handle emergency situations where flash fire is a hazard? Or handle fluids at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit? These are issues that safety clothing manufacturer Silver Needle Inc. thinks about every day.

Pattern Digitizing Made as Easy as Click and Go

CadShot Mobile – The most efficient way to digitize patterns

Autometrix is going mobile! Autometrix prides itself on two things -- being innovative, and listening to customers. We recently combined these strengths in a new initiative – transferring one of our popular software applications to the mobile platform.