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Cutting Composites? An Automated Cutting Table Will Save You Time and Money

Emotis isn’t just saving money with their pattern making table, they are saving a tremendous amount of time (which translates to cost savings). “The Autometrix machine actually allows us to cut approximately ten times faster than we did before”

Rocket Shell uses Autometrix

The joys of carbon fiber manufacturing and winning new business

Rocket Composites makes carbon fiber parts for a wide variety of industries: boat parts, hang glider components, and hydrofoils for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and regular surfing. Rocket Composites even sells into the aerospace industry – they are developing a carbon fiber satellite structure. And business is growing, thanks to his Autometrix cutting table.

Classic Car Hobbyist turns into America’s First Choice for Automotive Insulation Products

It all started when Timothy Cox needed to replace the tarpaper firewall insulator in the 1931 Buick that he was restoring. There was nothing available on the market, so he created his own firewall insulator. Word spread and Cox soon opened a small business manufacturing these automotive insulation products.