Fire Resistant Fabric

Specialty Fabrics Hot Trend: Fire Resistant Fabrics

Fire-resistant Fabrics a Hot Trend in Specialty Fabrics. Reports forecast record growth in the global fire-resistant fabrics market. The study predicts the market will increase by $1.8 billion to $3.5 billion in 2025

Fillauer Allpro

Cutting Composites? An Automated Cutting Table Will Save You Time and Money

Emotis isn’t just saving money with their pattern making table, they are saving a tremendous amount of time (which translates to cost savings). “The Autometrix machine actually allows us to cut approximately ten times faster than we did before”

Upgrade Autometrix Software

Five Reasons Why you Should Upgrade Your Software and Invest in New Plugins

In the manufacturing industry, there is value in stability. We want to set up a system and put it and our folks to work. If we did that at Autometrix we would never remove any glitches, add new features or create custom plugins and add-ons for our customers.