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Cutting Composites? An Automated Cutting Table Will Save You Time and Money

Emotis isn’t just saving money with their pattern making table, they are saving a tremendous amount of time (which translates to cost savings). “The Autometrix machine actually allows us to cut approximately ten times faster than we did before”

Silver Needle uses Autometrix Inc for creating protective gear

Automation Helps Silver Needle Compete in the Protective Clothing Space

What do you wear when you work with molten metal?  Handle emergency situations where flash fire is a hazard? Or handle fluids at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit? These are issues that safety clothing manufacturer Silver Needle Inc. thinks about every day.

Radium Machine at Thermaxx

Thermaxx Jackets Automates Manufacturing With Autometrix

Take a short stroll through the Thermaxx Jackets production facility today, and you’ll see many workstations bustling with activity.Only recently has the Autometrix precision cutting machine been introduced to the production line.