Cole-Tac Cuddle Bags-Autometrix

Autometrix Helps Cole TAC Produce Top Quality Products in the U.S

Many of our customers pride themselves on manufacturing products in the U.S.A. It might be more expensive, but these manufacturers are committed to producing the highest quality product possible, and they feel they have more control over the process when they do it locally.  

Gioia makes enclosures using PatternSmith

Gioia Sails Depends on Autometrix Technology to do Whatever it Takes for Their Customers

Gioia Sails runs two Autometrix fabric cutting tables to create standard and custom products for wholesaler and retail customers.“If you can sew it, we can do it,”. “From the carpet to the carpentry to window trimmings to bedding to throw pillows.”

Blue Waters Spa Covers using Autometrix Cutting Table

Blue Water Spa Covers Counts on Autometrix to Keep Their Business Flowing

Brian Keihner, owner of Blue Water Spa Covers, has been very happy with the reliability of his Autometrix fabric cutting machine. He recently purchased another cutting machine to run at a second business location. “The machine absolutely never breaks,” he said.

Rocket Shell uses Autometrix

The joys of carbon fiber manufacturing and winning new business

Rocket Composites makes carbon fiber parts for a wide variety of industries: boat parts, hang glider components, and hydrofoils for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and regular surfing. Rocket Composites even sells into the aerospace industry – they are developing a carbon fiber satellite structure. And business is growing, thanks to his Autometrix cutting table.

Silver Needle uses Autometrix Inc for creating protective gear

Automation Helps Silver Needle Compete in the Protective Clothing Space

What do you wear when you work with molten metal?  Handle emergency situations where flash fire is a hazard? Or handle fluids at minus 260 degrees Fahrenheit? These are issues that safety clothing manufacturer Silver Needle Inc. thinks about every day.

Curiosity Pays Off — Cut Form Expands Their Business with a Cutting Table

Cut Form LLC is one of those customer stories where a business owner used his Autometrix cutting table to expand and transform his business, with great success. It started with curiosity.