Radium Machine at Thermaxx

Thermaxx Jackets Automates Manufacturing With Autometrix

Take a short stroll through the Thermaxx Jackets production facility today, and you’ll see many workstations bustling with activity.Only recently has the Autometrix precision cutting machine been introduced to the production line.

Thermal Insulation

Saving Time and Money in the Insulation Industry

Our customers manufacture products in places like Canada, Minnesota, and Alaska, every single pipe, gauge, fitting, and valve needs to be insulated if it is exposed to the elements. Insulating these fixtures may be necessary, but it is not easy.

John and Sandy - Autometrix

Racing Sailboat Builder to Autometrix Inc. Founder – The Origin Story

The theme across all of Autometrix’s solutions has not changed since that first sail design – it’s all about making the process more efficient. A true engineer, John gets great satisfaction out of increasing efficiency: “I enjoy seeing our customers’ eyes light up when they get their machine working and it cuts their production time to a 10th,”