Leading-edge software PatternSmith 10 offers a new and improved pattern-editing environment, written with an all-new display engine for faster working, especially on larger and more complicated patterns. The improved user interface is specifically designed for pattern-makers, and helps ease the transition from other CAD programs.

PatternSmith 10 - Before DXF Clean Up


.DXF files imported from other software often include a polyline with many, many points on the pattern. These files will cause a cutting machine to cut slowly and roughly.

DXFC File Cleanup n PatternSmith 10


Using PatternSmith’s “Optimize” feature on imported .DXF files cleans them of excessive points without changing the geometry of the pattern. This tool allows you to modify one pattern, or several at the same time.

Patternsmith 10 - After DXF Cleanup


The file is now ready for smooth and fast cutting with your automated cutting machine! Excessive points have been removed, providing a clean and smooth path for your cutter.

PatternSmith 10 – Cutter Ready Patterns

A lot of “behind the scenes” work goes in to interpreting patterns and making a machine cut them. The better the patterns you start with, the better the results! See how PatternSmith’s simple yet powerful tools prepare a pattern for cutting, saving you both cutting time and wear on your cutting machine. Contact us today to get started. View all our quickstart guide videos here.